Foto Header Consul General: China Bilateral Cooperation with Nigeria Key to Development

Consul General: China Bilateral Cooperation with Nigeria Key to Development

Consul General: China Bilateral Cooperation with Nigeria Key to Development

The Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Lagos, Ms. Yan Yuqing, has highlighted some advantages of the bilateral co-operation between Nigeria and China.

She stated that it was the signalling of a new phase of high-quality development and global opportunities.

Consul General in a statement stated that a  pivotal aspect of China’s economic ascent has been its commitment to opening up policies, while stressing the necessity for continuous advancement in opening up at a higher standard to foster China’s high-quality development and ensure global benefits.

According to her, China aims to solidify progress in Belt and Road cooperation and deepen bilateral, multilateral, and regional economic cooperation, as plans including measures to attract more foreign investment by shortening the negative list for foreign investment and abolishing market access restrictions have been identified.

Asserting that the transformative impact of China’s cooperation was exemplified by the successful inauguration of the Lagos Rail Mass Transit Red Line project undertaken by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), the Consul General hailed this as a significant achievement of the Belt and Road Initiative, emphasizing its contribution to Nigeria’s transportation infrastructure.

Furthermore, she highlighted other notable achievements, such as the largest container vessel berthing at the Lekki Deep Sea Port and the efficient operation of the Lagos-Ibadan Railway for over 1000 days, which has facilitated travel and accelerated Nigeria’s industrial and agricultural modernization.

The Consul General also underscored the positive impact of Chinese enterprises operating within free trade zones in Nigeria, contributing to local economic advancement and prosperity.

In concluding remarks, she reiterated China’s commitment to sharing the fruits of development with Nigeria and emphasized the importance of mutual trust, openness, and inclusiveness in bilateral relations.

She further declared optimism that as cooperation continued to deepen, more opportunities for mutual growth will arise, ultimately fostering a safer, friendlier, and more modern Nigeria.




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